Our clients' confidence and total satisfaction with our microblading and shading services is our goal. If they are happy, we are happy!


They are the absolute best! They are committed to giving everyone the most amazing results! You will be putting your brows in wonderful hands!


Cassie did an excellent job with my new eyebrows! Lost them after receiving chemo and have to tell u I feel so much better with them...thank u so much Cassie..highly recommend on_Point_Beauty!


I have always had very blond eye brows and in the summer they basically disappeared. I have had several people tell me to do this but I was always afraid. After an informative discussion with Cassie, I decided to do it. I have not regretted it once. My eyebrows look amazing and she did a fabulous job.


I have always waxed my brows, but it was a hassle. I would have to make the appointments and pay for the upkeep. I called Cassie and told her what I was wanting, and she got me right in. I had told her I have really dry skin and was worried that the microblading wouldn’t work. She assured me that she’d find a solution for me and gave me my options. She is extremely knowledgeable. I chose to start with microblading to see how my skin would react. Not surprisingly my skin didn’t react well and soon the lines ran together and faded. Cassie brought be back in and switched techniques. She shaded me at that point, which is the better option for those of us with very dry skin or eczema on the face. It worked like a charm! I have gotten so many compliments on my brows and am so grateful to Cassie for working to find the best option for me!